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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  October 5, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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ssnkholes. " we've been pealing with this for months" months"how long the clean-up coull drag out in ne community. community.depporable conditions ponditions9:58:13 you could hear the rats through the what we found while tenants apartment compllx.. complex.. a chance for rain on thh weekknd......the big change that's also on the ayyin my skywatch forecast. &pforecast. and prices skyrocket. almost six dollars a gallon. that's insane." insane."why gas costs much in califfrnia these days.. hello... i'm jeff barnd. problems are only widening tonight for businesses ii a baltimore neighborhood after a thirr ssnkhhle opens up n east monument ssreet. ssreaming and... tells us... it could be beforr... the street -
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living and working here sayy they don't know what's worss, the noise or the news hat total of 5 months.they've ppt a fence around for safetyy reasons...but you can take a sinkhole -- 15 feet deep &p--that opened up last night... at a barber shop on haircuthelp bbock out the construction mess outside. outtide."yea i'd like to get it done, traffic, and my house beevibrating with all thhs noise"ssnce july...the failure has caused not one...not two...buttthree sinkholes: sinkholes:"one of two, than one after another what is reppace tte ld brick and portar storm drain with a new
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steel one. onee"it is dangerous, it's very dangerous" dangerous""i didn't know thaa road wass120 years old, and they just ssarted fixxng it? it could of collapsed" dec? this should beea one ill - has been losed since public orks says it's a trrcky job....hat woo't be's a toll on us .- pecause we've been dealing with this for months" and that already suffering wiil have to wait at least nother month, to get back on stable ground: ground:"just hope they wrap up,,get our life back together" department of public works orginalll had a deadline to fix all of this by november 5th...they sayythat won't be happening...but they hope thhi multimillion ollar repair will be done sometime in novemberr r
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in eest baltimmre,,janiie park 3 33 police... arrestt.. a couple... a string of burglaries... county..../the... burglars... kicked in ddors... in... several nnighborhoods... last month...//. olice... dianna marketti ... with ..four of theebreak ins...///. they... were... tied to thh thru... a... pair f ravens tickets... that... were stooen... from one... of the houses. police... arrest a mann south baltimore... affer ...uncovering his stash... a convicted... - felon... and... &pnot allowed to own was arrrsted monday... after aaman ...accused... at him...///.police... carrrol treet... and... discoveree the cache... of weaponn....//petty ... faccs... police say a body has been pulled from the usquehanna riv. around 8-30 this morning near the pierrat hutchins park in havre de gracepolice blocked off the park entrance at the foot of congrrss avenue.the victim ppears to be a woman, but the cause of death is
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still unknown. a scam alert tonight.. ffr peopll looking for a home to rent. a craii's list... and already it's cost one wommn thousands of dollars. dollars. keith daniels, &plive in overlea where an aler realtor is getting the word out.. keith. keith. kaaen.... take a good look at the house behind me. if you see ttis house on any listing for rental.... don't believe pt.. it's a scam. ttis house is not for rent.. in fact, it's under contract for sale. still, the scam.. and tonight.. the warning. 3 rusty miller is a longtime realtor for betsher ann assooiates out of hunt &pvalley...........he's showwng a property in parkville &pfull: ááá).......but lately &pit's a property in overlea.. phat conccrns im most. &pmiller is the true realtor fo
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but miller says an immosterris using images of miller's property listing.. and his contact infoomation for boguu rental ads on craigslist. rent.. but it's ot.(miller) "we're not actuully victimss but ssmebody else s...." ........the scam includes.. approved for the rental, they can't get the keys to the properry unttl hey send money. one woman sent the fake reaator $5-thousand dollars, the first 3 monthssrrnt ann deposit.. thenncallee miller for the keys. that's is ppblic warning. (miller) "because it's 33 this scam.. and i just believe nobody'll admit to it. but if enough people aad spread the word, then mayye we can save pverybodd else from losing renters pre alss told there's no ooe
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available to how them inside the house. they're told to stop by and peek inside the windoos."(mr. mckiiney/neighbor)"itts not a pay that goes by thht peoplee their head in the window.. visit. a couple was here two days ago...."(millerr "if they tell yyu to go ook in the window, they can't get you the kees, that's a red flag for money uppfront..."nybody any - 3 miller and his company haae had the ads on craigslist and he says, other legitimate realtors listings are being targeted too. live in overlea.. keith daniels, fox p5 news at ten. be onnthe lookout for a stolen porsche. baltimore county police say it was ooe of thh items sttlen from this home in towson ábeforeá the house was set on fire. theeblaze on bellona avenue monday has been labeled arson. investigaaors tell uu aa accelerant was used inntwo different places in the homee
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tonight, police are looking for a 2006 porsche cayenne, with marylaan tags 584 m126. the cause ffa three alarm fire n fells point is still yesterday morning at a liquor - store on fleet street near broadway.crews fought the fire the dangerous conditions of - insidee one firrfighter one civilian had to be evaauatee from the bilding. after ... receiving... millions of ddllars... in government grant money... / a,.. non-profit... with deep ties... to.... baltimore city... is broke...///. crime... and ...justice reporter... joy . lepola... investigates.../ how... thhs... could be... a case... of... wasted taapayer dollars. dollars. ((pkk)) time has run out.... for tenants at this apartmentt complee.9:55:03 i'm just somebooy come when tahtiana - &pchinnmoved in.... she wws excited. her first apartment wasn't perfect but it was home.
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chin 9:32:355when we moved in we had hot water electricity the heat never worked the air conditioner never worked we hhd to go buy our own then the hot watee went out :46 a few doors down...9::7::1 jjst to phow what thh living conditions were likeeddie bibbs showee s.... how bad his living conditions had become.9:57::6 this is where i fell through here bibbs was washing his dishes at the time. but it's not just holes in he ffoor... 9:58:13 you coulddhear hh rats through the walls all violations... innpectors ith thh department of housing cited when it condemned the property andd ordered everyone to vacate pt....10:03:58 the lady came evict me the same day yoo''e got to o evict me the same day besides ccodemned, this property is bbing foreclosedd aid associatton.... a non-profit who waa supposed to helping ex-cons. 9:35:28 i wouldn't say any are ex-prisoners non attall so it's kind of confusing a it also hard to underrtand is why the non-profit bdanoned this
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property. thh city had provided tens of thousands of dollars tt help the what it was supposed to do but that didn't happen as windows are boarded p, 9:52::4 i want a bath with hot water and furniture is moved out.. 10:03:34 i'm glad i'mm out but it is still a lot to get his seeuriiy deposit back. otherr just worry where they'll goofrom here.10:12:41 happy it's over ust not the expprience that's for surein r northeast baatimore city joy lepola fox 45 news at 5:00. the... execctive "prisoners aid association".... saas.../ the... ... when... it cut roblem - funding....// state police are taking new stepsstowards helling the citizens of maryland. marrllad. governor martin o'maaleyywas there when the
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agency revealed tte first of augusta westland "a-w 139" was &pon display at state police headquarters in middle river. it'll replace the more than 20-year-old helicopters officcals were using before. the new units will allow state patients...aide in search and enforcement anddhomeland security. the new helicopters also hhve some unique designs. "the maryland state flag thats painted....represrent eternal ttuth about out state." state."each helicopter cost bout 6-milliin-dollars. tonight, law eeforrement &pprofessionals from all over the country arr in bbltimore county for the battle of the badges basketball tournnment. year and is designed to raise
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to law enforcement officers. p his year the event is police ergeant gwen parish, the first africaa americaa woman whh joined the deeartment. the event'' founnee says baltimore was the perfeet spot for thhs year's i'm from baltimore, turner station is my .... oc: so phen have it here everybody cameeout, baltimore city police ave won baalimore city police have won the title history. their last chammionship was in 008. 3 orioles fans... are hoping... for... some more... of thatto's... tonight!the ... as we speak.../ for... a... &pdo-or-die game against the texas rangers...///. f... thee.. o's win.../ they'll .. yankeee.../ here.... for... game one... of the american
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but... iff.. they lose../ . that'll.... be the end... of their rare,.../ ppst-season stretch. matttew lowin 1665 i think if thhy win i thinkkthey'll have p good chance against the yankees..they tied the seeson series this year so i think it'll be a very interestinn series 43norman elkins 1440 it's like watching the ravens in the superbowl. it's like yyu''e excited but oo don't want it to end, but if it does it's been suuh a great season 30 right nnw the orioles are tied with the rangers one to one in thh bottommof the fifth inning.we''l keep tracking the game and update you with he score in 30 minutes on ssorts unlimited. if... you think... your game of simon... says... issgreatt../ wait... uutil... you heer... abbut phis one. &pset a record for the larrest game of simon sayss todaa dozens f students at the goddard school in columbia and goddard schools throughout the nation took to thee outdoors for a schoollwwde ""imon says". the event was part of the schools block
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party where they focused on the importtnce of play and critical life skklls in chiidren. nd when it neighboohood... see itt. shoot can upload photos and videos - to our website. gooto foxbaltimore dot com and click on thh "see it, shoot it, send it icon. you can allo send photos directly from your cell phooeeto "pics at ffxbbltimore dot ccm." ((take sot))911: okay, what'' the emergency? caller: uh, i just killed my oomand my sister. 911: what? caller: i just killld my mom and my sister. a teen confessss too murdee. tteechilling 911 call from inside a double shooting. the new jjbs next rounn of nuubers could thou shalllnot delaware's nanny state is pannnng corporal punishmmnt for all parents. 3 the nation's unemployment
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falls to an unexpected low.the been during ppesident obbma's - timm in tte white house.emiiy schmidt xplains hhw today's nees moved unemployment front and center in this presidential election. the unemployment rate reported friday was etter than expected... down 3 tenths of 8 percent mark. good news? depends on who you ask. if the numbers are accurate, thaa is plways a positive thing. i don't know how you can spin it oneewill . 10:27:14 he's election year,,one number has &pmany interpretations. president obama told a faarffx virginia crowd this: this morning, we foond out the uneeployment rate is the
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lowwst since i took office. (cheers) he aid theee's more work to be done to help miidle class families, and said that's why he's rrnning forrre- election. today's news is not a reason tootry to ttlk down the economy to score a few political pointss it's a reminder that this country has come too far to turn back now. mmtt romney told supporters in abingdon virginia, the coonnry hasn't better. we donnt have to stay
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closely watcced unemployment report........the occober numbers are sst to come out just four days beffre election day.... &pa high school student in philadeephia says she felt humiliattd by how a teacher reacted to her politicalt-shirt. sam awluccywore a romney-ryan campaign hirt to lass friday. that's when she sayssher honors geometry teachee pingled her out. sam says thee teacher callld in an assistant... who prrtended to draw on her shhrt with a marker... ...then demanded she take it off - saying this is a democraaic school. the teaccer - who is african--merican - parentssrepublican? i said i don't know. sse says that's like her weaaing a kkk shirt because she doo't knows i was livid to sayythe llast that a peeson of er position would take advantage of my daughter like thaa, embarrrss her in front oo all her peers,
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and make her feel so bad. bad.the family's phonee have been ringing off the hook.they say with eveey negative commenn, comes 2 in support. a... massive... on... medicarr fraud... this week...////. more... thaa... 90 and... other... medical - proffssionals...// accused... of bilking.... the... u.s....// out... of... 430---million dollars... have been... arrested..../// but... thaa... the... amount offmoney... lost... each year...// to... healtt fraud,//// healthcare fraud, waste and estimated 00 hundred billion dollaas a year. a federal sting carried out this week in seven staaess has taaen aa bite out of edicare raud, but for how long?[lln engel "thhre's so mmch of it and unfortunately the government doesnnt have enough to go ahead and go after all of it." trt=:06lon engel, an attorney, specializes in heelth care frrud cases. pposecutions are
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not difficult, the difficulty engel says is recovering the money.[sot in engel]sot in 28:54 "if ttwinds up hat we have this mom and pop home health care center that has fraud because they weren't ng - makinggthat much money and they were doing that as a way to ennance a weak enter, how's the overrmmnt going to registerr tsnd]trt==02engel says as much s 25 percenttof fraud, waste ann abuse stems from home health care businesses. and with too few federal prosecutors and too much fraud engel says thee department of justice has no choice buttto be choosey about who to go after. [engel interview]sot in 22:48 "it's noo an issue of being lax. this problem is, its a lack of enforcemenn tools."attorney general eric holder called thee crackdown one f the llrgest in u.s hiisory,indicating his department working with health and human serrices isstaking &pa new tact.[[ot eric holder]i
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:03 "federal efforts tt combat health care fraud have never been more strategic, more commrehensive or more effective." trt=:05engel praises the feds work but says one major crackkown is not enough to make evenna small dent in health care fraud, among ... the accusations... in that crrckddwn -- / billing... for... rides.../ andd.. eopll.../ whh... don't qualify. &pjoin our waste watch.if you see government our hotline... 410-662-1456 or go to foobaltimore dot com. almost ... 50 people ... are... inffcted.... with... an... of,,., fungal... meningitis.../ that's ... already killed....5 people.../ and... infected dozens morr..../// experts.... say... the incubation peeiod.../ p s... one... to our weeks,.../ so... we... coold... see hundrees... perhaps áthoussndsá... of.... right here... in marylan. maryyand.more... than... 47 cases... of... asper--jjllus... meningitis... havee... already... been linked... to... the... aaparently... tainted drug... in... tese... problem is....he...
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to... 23....states. drugg.. in question.... s... used for... pain relief../.aad... injected directly... p into... the pine john dreyzehner/tn health ccmmissioner 21:22:18 "whee you take a bacteria or a fungus and it's physicallyy placed in a normally steriie space wiih particular situuttons it can wreak real havok nd thattmay be what's occurring in this situation." situation."the... "new england... compoundinn &pcenter".... in assachusetts... makee the drug../.and... recalled... 3 lots... of the drug,... dating back... to july...//. unlike... mmningitis....this... form... ácannotá be... transmitted... from... person-to-person 3 a perfect day n baltimore. baltimore. blue skies and 800degree temperrtures, can't ask for more on octobert fifth. but some cold air is on thh let'' go toometeorrlogist emily gracey wiih a look at what's happening noww now. this... 3&p this... is... your ...big shoo...
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at... making it... to ho/ hollywood.../ and it just means a quick trip to hunt valley town center this weekend. the 'wheelmobile'
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is theree... auddtioning potentiallcontestants for the 'wheel of fortune' kathleen cairns shows you how to make it to hollywood. hollywood. if... you think you have what it takes.... try oot or "wheel of fortuue" this saturday and fortune" this for "wheel of takee.... try out have whht it if... you think you 3
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if... you think you hve what itttakes.... try ouu for sattrday anddsunday at hunn sure to watcc jeopaady weeknights onn -f fortune airr right after that at 7-thiity. 3 911: okay, what's the
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emergency? caller: uh, i just killed my mom and my ister. 911: what? caller: just kklled my mom and my ssster. a teen admits to pt...and the chillinn ispatch call thht reveaas exactly what "accordiig to the way the bill &pmisdemeanor that i could be punishable for a whole year in " prison."a new law banning parents from spanking their kids. the tate that supports it...and why many parents re on the defense. a... aú
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barnhill: you hear a lot of talk about question seven...
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so let me tell you what i know: if question seven passes, my company's going to... bring table games, like blackjack and poker... right here to baltimore. a twenty-five million dollar investment... that'll create five hundred new jobs. all right here. today, marylanders are spending $500 million gaming... in other states. let's keep it here. i'm chad barnhill, and we're ready to build right here. we're ready, and it's real. and all that has to happen... is question seven. oh, please don't call me "pumpkin." no, that's white chocolate and pumpkin. oh. pumpkin. ha ha! you've never tasted pumpkin like this. try new pumpkin white chocolate or pumpkin mocha coffees and lattes today. &pa... new law in delaware..
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is... sparking controversy... over... 3 some say its illegal for parentssto spank tteirr its just another form of child 3 rearrng. lisa sylvesttrrtakes p closer look at this law. (nats) nicole theis is a mother to a 10-year old and 12 spokeswoman for the delaware family ppllcy council that &padvocates for family values. theis is upset about a ougg &pnew child abuse law signed by delaware's governor last month- and particularly thii one phrase: it defines ppysical injury to child as connition or pain. the delaware family policy council calls it aaban on parental spanking. "it is so it; if i have a two-year-old and my two-year-old reaches up
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for something very hot that and i reach out and i swat that little two-year-old's pand causing them some pain and discomfort so it will be remembered not to do ttat aaain, accorring to the way ttis bill is written that is class a misdemeanor that i could e punishable foo a wholl year in prison." buu beau biden, wwo s vice president joe biden's son, says the old law needed to be phanged beccuse it had been difficult to prosecute cases speak or otherwise non -ung too- verbal. "we had examples of cases wwere chillren weree being burned or children --their bones broken at the hhnds of a perpetrator or abuser. and we would struggle -- we had a difficult timm under the old law prosecuting that at the highest felony pevel." the law lowerr the threshold for prosecutioo and child abuss offenses, but of - prosecutors still have to prove physical injury that resuuts ffom a reckless or
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intentional act. but does that aaount to an outright ban parents? "proponents of the law will point to another part of the delaware code that the use f force, that is- to - ssankka child, if it is reassnable and moderate." "we didn't tooch spanking. what we going to spank them is one one thing,,if you're going to throw them agaiist at wall and cause aableeding in their from their spine because they are four months, ttat's going to be child abuse,,even if you only meant to pank them." it might seem intuitive. but nicole theis still belleves the law as writtte is over broaa and could imppct well inteetioned parents. "you interpret aalaw by how t's written. so you know, 5 years from now, 10 years from now.. you gooby what is written and it says pain. and no one knows how pain is gong to be interpretedd" the... law... passed easily... in the state house... 34 to 7. and in theestate senate, there was unanimous support. 911: okay, whaa's the
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emergency? caller: uh, i just killed my mom and my sister. killed my mom and my sister. a teen kills his family and admits it all to a 9-1-1 operatorr the chilling phone recording ttat'll leave your heart racing. forget state skips straight to winter. why residents are raking up on shovels and salt... and if we could see the same thing here. 3
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kw@ authoriiies... in texas...
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are investigating... a... chilling... double murder. a 17-year-old admits to a 9-1-1 operator that he killed his mother and sister. bud giilett has the police recording...describinn the porrible event. 3 911: parker county 911 where ps your emergency? the chilling call from ake evans came into 911 just after midnnght. 911: okay, what's the emerggncy? caller: uh, i just killed my mom and my sister. 911: what? caller: i just illed my om and my sister. 911: you just killed your mother nddyour sister? how id you do that? caller: &prevolver.. em with a 22 - for well over twentt minutes the operator kept evans on the line, alternately calming him
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down and encouraging im he would get help no matter what caller: i told y ister that my mom needed her. she was in her room and she came out of &pher room, uh, and i, i shott her. she rolled down the stairs and i shot her againn and then i went down aad i shot my mom about maybe three or four times. caller: i know? i didn't want them to ou - feel any pain that'sswhy i used the gun. it was like outside withhhis hands raisee - and he was taken into ccstody. sheriff larry fowler says a gun was found on a kitchen table. drugs or alcoool are deputies ay theyyhad never been called to theehouse befooe. 48-year old jami evans was found in an office, her 15-year-old daughter in a
10:37 pm
downstairs foyer. nearby residents are dummstruck me goosebumms. so it's very this is really over the top. . because i don't know why. the suspect'' father was out off town on buuiness at the time of the killings, according to k-t-v-t authorities say evans will be charged with capital's unnnnwn whether pubbic defense attornee or a private lawwer. the suspect's 911 the suspect's father was ut time of the killings. charged wwth capital murder. e - american airlines... canccling....dozens of flights... for... ttee.. row......y in a roo...... the... compaay's... grounding... close... o... 50---planes... to repaar aaproblem... with the seats../ which... were... popping loose... during flights...///. american... says....áthiiá... was the problem.../ the... áseat- lock... -plunger- mechanism.á.../// it... holds... the row of seats... in a track... connected to theefloor...//. if... the... "lookinn pin"... doesn't reset... / then... the seats... caa come loose. p3&campbeel says: "working with our engineering team, working with the faa, we quickly caae up with an adddtional locking anotter level of redundancy to ensure the ppungers tay in pla" place."
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american... is... pulling 48.... service... to make reeairss.. on them...///. those planes... singled out .../ because... tto lookkng mechannsms..// instead of four like the rest of the fleet. one state seems to have skipped the fall and gone snowing in colorrdo! flakes were commnn down in denver this morning.... juss two days after the thermometer hit 80 degrees. about aa inch of snow is expected to fall. but warmer weather iss't gone for the season....the temmeratures are expected climb back into the 70's next week. 3 3 3 3 p while gas
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prices in maryland are slowly decreasing. one ssate iisseeing a huge iicrease. why thh average price of gas is 6-dollars a gallon. outtaggd over p shortage of pumpkin spice &plattes. whht starbucks is doing to keep the 3eace. a brand new barnhill: you hear a lot of talk about question seven...
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so let me tell you what i know: if question seven passes, my company's going to... bring table games, like blackjack and poker... right here to baltimore. a twenty-five million dollar investment... that'll create five hundred new jobs. all right here.
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today, marylanders are spending $500 million gaming... in other states. let's keep it here. i'm chad barnhill, and we're ready to build right here. we're ready, and it's real. and all that has to happen... is question seven. species has been discovered,
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but it's already extinct. extinnt.a chicaao sciennist claims to have discovered a new dinosaur.he says tte have looked something lke a "two legged-porcupine".he also says the dinosaur wws less &pthan two feet long and didn't average house cat.while he is the first to describe the excavated in the 9-60s. scienttsts say theedinosaur
10:46 pm
lived abouu 200 million years 3 &pone.... gardner... wishes dinosaur.../ he... met... face to face... was extinct.../ or... at least.../ hanging out... somewhere else.. the middle of the day, he came face tt face with an 88foot alligator.the man was working at a plant nursery in nortt carrlina... whee hh stumbbed acroos the 200-plus poond reptile as it sunbathed pt took wildlife officers pboutt n hour to wrangle the gator. "heeprobably thought hh was camouffaged where he was at, and when the activity is uch as it was hhre, youuknow, their instinct is to just sit down, wait, and let things calmmdown before they move." 3 pte gator's speed and strength roll after roll.... until this ggy finally tossed a towel over its eyys and grabbed hold of its jaws. 3 we've heard a lot of waanabe pop stars on the fox show "the x factor."one of
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the ástandoutsá is from an update on david correy's uss competition.he ssngiig commetit- 3 3 fox45 news at en. candace doll fox45 news at ten. 3
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starbucks'... pumpkin spicee lattes.../ arr... ii... a bit of a panic.... kkep... in... mind... porld...// the... wall street journal... reeorts ... some stores ...have been running out of the anger...//. the... company ...ttllss the paper... that some run dry... or... of... doing .../ theee's... no nationwide crrsis...///.. however, ... ssarbucks... says... if... any storee... are...
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having a quute... : "pumpkin emergency," .../ they... order. p "zagat"... is... addinggfast food chains... to its restaurant rating guide....///it's... divided the ...aacording to size...///: those... wwth... 110... to... 5000-... u-s locations... and... thhse... with more than... 5-thoosand locations sayss...among the best.... are... ""n-n-out... burger"... "wendy's"... and "subway." 3 the orioles in the playoffs for the first time in 15 updaae from texas... nnet in sports unlimited... yoo may not want to complain about tte pain at the pump.. why one state ii charging more than 5-dollars gallon this is it...aú
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and host the yankees.lose... thee20-12 season ended witt season.orioles-ranggrs uppate. update. right now the orrooes are leading the rangers...3-1 in the 7th inning...nate mclouth ust had n rbi single joe saunders pitched ut of several jams...he onlyygave up one run in 55and thirds... adam jones has the o ahead rbi with a sac fly in the 6th... you hear it time after time from ravens defenders... they're happy to be on a physical efenss.thatts no different for safety jamms e-'s his 5th season out of u-mass.ffrst in baltimore.he's played in every game... and became a full tiie
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defendee in week two in philly. sports director bruce cunninghammhas ore in our coors light silver spotlight. spotlight. another o's another o's our
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&phigh school game of the week.. coming up aa 11-30 on the late editioon.. california drivers are experiencing ticker ssock. thursday...gas prices jumped eight centt!customers in regular unleaaed.paying almost 3 "i have neverrseen 5.99, almost six dollars a ggllon. that's insane.""it's goiig to be hard to go to the storr everyone can make ii thessedays" days." experts blame the price hike in outhern california are ces - about 57 cents per gallon hiihhr than the national aveeage of 3-78. &p3
10:56 pm
meanwhile.... gas prrces creete a traffic jam in polorado springs.... whhre drivees filled up for half the price. for two hours thursday - this conoco dropped thh prrce of a regular gallon of gas to a dollar 84 gallon. it was paid for byy"morning in ameriia" - conservative grrup trying to promote american energy policy.thh diicount was only offered to the irst 150 cars... which means some drivers waited morr thhn 3 hours to guarantee their spoo at the pump. love knows no bounds. how this pup traveled miles to visit his sick owner. ...and coming p in just 5 &pminutes on theelate edition... edition... team from ohns hopkins is making it happen in baltiiore. 3 3 and a surprise at a high one new yorkk inspiring.e - ageeeesthe resses that will
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help you look wonderful... through the years.monday on fox44 morning news. dog really proved e was mans best friend. friend.he followed his owners to visit him. him.when john dolan was hospitalized with a skin condition...his 7-year-old &phusky "zander" took it
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